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The dishes served at the Penis Restaurant have pretty poetic names like Jasmine Flower with 1,000 Layers, Phoenix Rising, Head crowned with a Jade Bracelet, Look for the Treasure in the Desert Sand, Dragon in the Flame of Desire and The penis Essence of the Golden. Yes, you read it right. For example, yak penis costs over USD220 per dish. 14July, written by, sankalan Baidya, bizarre Food, Food, Penis Dishes, Penis Restaurant, food. It is world famous for serving Penis dishes! The occasion was the birth of Jason Guo 7th generation Guo familys eldest son. A plate of tiger penis will cost 1500 willing candidates need to hold a silver, gold or platinum membership card. Sometimes he gets really confused about things happening in life but then again, he manages to get things back on track. You must have already guessed what kind of dishes are served. Some cost about half while there are others that cost well over 1000. 15-interesting- penis - restaurant -facts - Interesting and fun facts

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penis restaurant

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Those extremely pricey dishes are made of penises of exotic animals like tigers. Some of the most common animals whose genitals are served by the Penis Restaurant include ox, yak, cow, dog, donkey, sheep, goat, meten deer, snake and horse. He is a dreamer and loves reading, writing, traveling and above all, sleeping. Sometimes, several dishes are meant to be eaten raw. Some of the animals are commonly found while others are pretty exotic. He hates politics and absolutely hates people who like to judge others. He practices Tai Chi whenever he gets time. Sources: 1, 2, image Credits: 1, 2 Share On Founder and Chief Editor of Facts Legend, Sankalan believes that information should be free. So, let us libido learn 15 interesting Penis Restaurant facts. Adrenalast Testosterone Booster Boost Muscle Sexual Performance

  • Penis restaurant
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The restaurant suppressant was named using homophones of family name of Guo the founder of the restaurant. The restaurant was first opened in Beijing in 2006. Penises and testicles of different types of animals are served here.

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Besnijden, synonyms, antonyms, derivatives of, besnijden, analogical dictionary of besnijden (Dutch). Bovendien liet hij het kind.

People actually need to order at least 3 months ahead of their intended date of devouring a tiger penis. Women are not allowed to eat testicles because it is believed that testicles will make their voices deep and grow beard on their faces. The Penis Restaurant (this penis is just the popular name in use) or the Guo Li Zhuang Restaurant (this is the actual name) first opened in 1956 in Georgias China porn Town of Atlanta. Guo is the family name. Leave a Comment, okay, we are putting this article in Food Facts only because of one reason it serves a very special type of dish. All you get there is an assorted menu of different types of animal penises cooked in a variety of ways and served. The secrets of such medicinal value have been handed over from one generation to another exclusively in the Guo family.

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While animal genitalia remains the focal point of the restaurant, it also offers some other exotic dishes like peacock claws, sheep fetus served with brown garlic sauce, stewed deer face and others. However, one with an insatiable craving for tiger penis needs to order in lengte advance. The restaurant specializes in serving dishes made of genitals of male animals the penis and the testicles. Not just a few days in advance. Yes, that simply means that you need to simply chew on the raw uncooked penises and testicles.

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